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About Us

At Barnabas Health Care School of Professional Studies, we aim to bring out the best in the trainees and students who enroll at our institution.

group of doctor smilingIn the healthcare field, professionals have to take extra caution because they are dealing with life. Any technique, procedure or practice that is performed in a substandard level could lead to health complications. Because of this, we train our students to exercise accountability in what they do. From the training setting all the way to actual clinical practice, we show them that their role in the patient’s health is integral. From the start, we instill in them the belief that they can make a difference.

If you, too, hope to make a difference in other people’s lives through healthcare practice, get the proper training and education from Barnabas Health Care School of Professional Studies. Our school has been the vessel that has carried so many professionals to their current successful careers. We could be your vessel too.

Join the future roster of next year’s graduates. Call Barnabas Health Care School of Professional Studies at 313-952-2699 / 313-550-3615 to learn about the admission process and how you can send your enrollment application.

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