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Kindly check the schedules of our classes and training sessions below. We encourage you to regularly visit our website for any updates or changes to the schedules. For inquiries, please contact our staff at 313-550-3615.

Class schedule for the rest of 2022:

  • January 3rd to January 15th
  • January 17th to January 29th
  • February 1st to February 12th
  • February 14th to February 26th
  • March 1st to March 12th
  • March 14th to March 26th
  • April 4th to April 16th
  • April 18th to April 30th
  • May 2nd to May 14th
  • May 16th to May 28th
  • June 7th to June 18th
  • June 21st to June 30th